College Hill Rec Center, 5545 Belmont Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224


Thanks for visiting the Cincinnati Table Tennis Club website. We welcome players of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced! Please stop by and check out our club. Join us at our club at the College Hill Rec Center. We have free parking, A/C, heating, and great lighting! Normal club times are Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00 - 9:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Click on the Schedule link in the left sidebar for the most up to date play schedule.

General Information

The Cincinnati Table Tennis Club is open to people of all ages and skill levels. We are affiliated with the USATT the national organization that maintains the rating system for US players and that selects the members of the US olympic team. However, the club is not only for serious players who are looking to improve their game (although we are the home for many of the best players in the region and the state of Ohio), but for anyone who is interested in spending time with good people. We can help improve your game, and direct you to where to buy the equipment that you need. Low end equipment from local stores would not help you much and you may end up not enjoying the game. Please ask us or go to to check things out or talk to them first. We do get some discounts from them so if you can wait a week or two we can get you better prices.

The club is a not-for-profit organization. A fee of $5.00/session is required by anyone wishing to play. We currently charge no additional "membership fee". All funds go directly back into the club (for rent for the facility, new equipment, etc.) We currently have 12 "Donic Persson 25" tables, a Newgy table tennis robot, and plenty of barriers for adequate court separation.

Rules and Guidelines

Most nights at the club are reserved for open play: players write their name on our dry-erase board for the table they would like to play next. Players at each table have 5 minutes for warmups, and then and play a best 3 out of 5 match (11 point games). The winner generally stays at the table, and the loser signs up again. However you can always ask your opponent to practice with you for 20 minutes and leave the table. This way you can learn more from the higher level players and you can ask questions. Please be prepared to get a lot of comments since good Table Tennis requires a lot of instructions so try not to get overwhelmed and take it one step at a time. We use 40 mm 3 star white or orange balls and try to follow all USATT rules and guidelines. Most players have their own equipment, but we have a few club paddles that can be borrowed for those who don't.

We will host occasional "sanctioned" tournaments. Membership in the national organization (USATT) and entry fees are required for play in sanctioned tournaments - these are where new players obtain their rating, and the ratings of already rated players are adjusted based on win/loss record. We may also have occasional "club" tournaments (where USATT membership is not required and no rating points are exchanged), with small prizes for the winners (these are often unannounced, and usually have no extra entry fee apart from the normal nightly playing fee). When sufficient interest warrants, we may hold mini-training camps for new players.